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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Louis Vuitton RTW Fall 2011

Louis Vuitton have some incredible pieces, the clothes, shoes, bags are to die for. and of course the most important and special ladies was on the run away from Amber,Caroline, Kate and of course gorgeous Naomi Campbell.

To close the show, out came a smoking (literally) Kate Moss, herself once poster waif for another man’s Obsession. She wore a lamb-and-rubberized-lace jacket over hot pants and croc boots so disciplined, they required four people working for an hour to lace up. In truth, Kate, the ultimate supermodel, looked a little uneasy. Obsession, and irony, too. What’s not to love about fashion?


Marc Jacobs Fall 2011


Ralph Lauren Fall 2011


Guy Wood Jr's Story: By Zach Thornton

My girlfriend and I love the beads bracelets, always wanted to purchase one or two but because of the price range from $375 - $900 from other vendors kind of delayed our purchase. This weekend just past she find out one of her close friend son make a similar virgin to the one we wanted. It was love all over again when I seen this beautiful beads and the price that comes with them.

Guy Wood Jr is 22 years old and at his last semester in college majoring as a business management, he will be graduating in May 2011. Continue reading to learn more about this Genius young man.

What was the catalyst for you starting Beads by Wood?

A conversation with my father. At the time I was working two jobs, a day job and a night job to support myself, while still going to school as well. He told me that I needed to quit one of my jobs and start working on a career. We talked about the different things I was good at, the things that I liked. I started working on the custom bracelets and gave them to a few people ad they gave me a great response, people seemed to really like them, so I decided to keep making them and create a business around them. I've been shocked at the response Beads by Wood has gotten and the diversity of the clientele. I didn't initially realize that the pieces would strike such a chord with so many different audiences. I design and make them all myself. When I see the piles of stones, I can instantly see in my mind how they would work together. So aside from custom orders for customers who want a specific combination or design, I come up with all the designs and make them myself. So I'm still working two jobs to make ends meet, but one of those jobs is my company and that makes a big difference.

What were some of the challenges you've had to conquer growing up and what did you learn from them?

Growing up is about learning, but one of the biggest things I've learned is not to repeat my mistakes. I've learned that one mistake can make a big difference in how your life can turn out. I've learned to detect the real people from the fake people, the people who want to be around me for me, not for what I have.
Being around 5001 flavors (created and run by his father and stepmother) growing up opened up my mind to knowing that I wanted my own business. I never wanted to grow up and work for someone else, I always wanted to work for myself. Even in high school, I was an entrepreneur and sold custom t-shirts to my peers.

What advice would you give to other young people who want to start their own business?

To never give up on your dreams, no matter how hard it gets because the sky really is the limit. I believe that if you truly believe in your dream and work hard, positive things will happen to you. My main challenge in running my business is time management. You have to plan out everything because its so easy to get sidetracked when there is so much on your plate. So I challenge myself to keep a nice schedule and to always be on time.

Who are some of your role models?

#1 is my father. I never had to look up to celebrities because my father always led by example. His work ethic inspires me to this day and I respect the sacrifices he made and makes for my family to live the way we live today. I wouldn't be where I am today without the sacrifices he made and I tip my hat to him.

What do you think makes someone a 'Smart Guy'?

A 'smart guy' is someone who thinks before he acts. Knowing that if the people around you are doing negative things its going to effect you negatively. A 'smart guy' is a well-rounded invidual. He is not afraid to stand away from the pack.

A 'Smart Guy' on the rise,
Guy Wood Jr.

Guy Jr. has graciously committed to being a 'Smart Guy' sponsor and has donated great Beads by Wood pieces for the young people who are participating in the 'Smart Guy' Movement through our 'Smart Guy' schools and teams. If you would like to purchase a Beads by Wood piece or commission a custom piece, you can contact Guy at . You can also view more pieces of his collection and like him on Facebook at Beads By Wood

Source: Zach Thornton, Smart Guy Movement