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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Astonish Party Part 2

Some of the pics from the show, I will post more tonight when I get in from fashion night out :)

Astonish Party part 1

This is Liz Friedman the Design Director of Bold Beads Inc. Her accessories are gorgeous!

With the rain and all I made it to the Astonish Party, I have to say I had a really nice time last night, from the finger foods and the show was to die for. I had the pleasure to meet some of the lovely ladies from NYC blogger meetup and looking forward to see them again at Bloggers night out Friday night. I have more pics for you guys from the Fashion show I will try my best to post some of them..But right now lovelies I have to get dress to make it to my real life job. I am so excited for Fashion night out, I have no ideal what I will be wearing but I will figure it out :) I will talk to you guys soon.

Muahhhh :)