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Friday, August 15, 2008


I saw this article from Geeksugar and I thought it was very interested. I would considering myself more like a stylist,I enjoy putting outfits together and dressing friends and family. Lately I have been very much interesting in learning how to design my own clothes , I have an eye for design so why not take it to the next level.

Watching Project Runway every week gives me the itch to pull out my own sewing machine, no matter how dusty it is! I'm getting inspiration from the show and from the geeky crafts I'm constantly seeing.
I've also noticed an influx lately of new sewing machines that are simpler, with big graphic buttons (dare I say more Apple-like?) — my own is a Singer, and I truly believe that I was as willing to tackle learning how to use my sewing machine because of my tech-savviness. I'm no stranger to manuals and complicated inputs, and when something breaks, I don't fear opening up my machine and going to town.

My hope is that the predicted home sewing revolution (prediction: Mine) comes about partly because of Project Runway, and partly because a generation of geeky girls is not afraid to buy and learn a foreign piece of machinery.

So tell me, do you Own a sewing machine?

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